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I wanted to give life to a realistic looking jellyman, and tested the rig with a .bip file. He is hopping and running about, looking kinda cute. And yummy.
Made from scratch after a Pete Draper tutorial from his book Deconstructing the Elements. Was fun to create, and looks so real! Thanks to my friend, Pete.
Commercial for jellymen
School project. I took my jellyman movie further and made a commercial. Think I could send this movie to the candy factory? Or maybe Discovery's How It's Made?
Arab horse gallop
School project, first year at school. The task was to create a walk cycle. I wanted a challenge, and chose a quadruped (four legged creature). Got an A!
Process of the arab horse
Shows the process of 3D modeling. Wireframe, smoothing, texture and then lighting.
School project. We were given many soundclips to choose from and was given the task to animate after it. I chose a legendary clip from Monty Python.
Underwater scene
Underwater scene inspired by the tutorial by Pete Draper. Fish was easily modeled and forced to deform along a spline.
This was fairly easy to make. Two ripples meeting eachother to create waves, and a nice material. The sky is just an animated plane, but it does the job.
Animation "Santa Claus"
School project. Early animation stage to show some of the process of animating.