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Self Portrait
Me as a centaur. Or so I'd like to believe.
Yes, I know... he has no horn. Yet. He will be a unicorn. Some day. He will be fighting a dragon. Some day.
Zelda Fan Art
Link is contemplating how to solve the world's problems.
ElfQuest Fan Art Dewshine
My interpretation of the lightfooted and graceful Dewshine from Wendy and Richard Pini's ElfQuest series. Work in progress, her hands need some work among other things...
ElfQuest Fan Art Nightfall
My interpretation of Nightfall, my favourite character from Wendy and Richard Pini's ElfQuest series. Work in progress on the coloring...
ElfQuest Fan Art Joyleaf and Bearclaw
Made this in poster size for a friend. A romantic moment from the world of two moons.
Innocence may not be what it looks like at first sight.
Aspect of a demon
An alluring demon, tricking women into his trap.
As a cat ages, it is said that they grow more tails and gain magical powers. It will become Nekomata, a cat that can control and animate dead corpses.
Two foals in Norway
I spent many summers in the fields with packs of horses. These two inspired me to draw them. The one grazing was our first foal, Caprice.
Thunder Caprice
Our first foal, a thoroughbred, all grown up and on the racetrack, with our very own colors on the jockey's suit!
ElfQuest Fan Art Petalwing
Petalwing the Preserver thinks she can sing pretty, so she bothers everyone around her with her BREEDEET DEEEE!!