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Realistic jellyman
Very happy about how realistic this little guy turned out. I'm getting hungry...
Renault Alpine A110 1977
A tribute to my favourite car in the world. The legendary Alpine. The best rally car in the '70s!
Quickly made to show that I can do architectural 3D stuff too. I love architecture! Got so many plans for what I want to make.
Black Widow
Made in only 90 minutes for a speed modeling competition. The theme was "Insect". I was disqualified for choosing an arachnid, which was no insect apparently...
Anatomically correct female
Wireframe is tediously laid out over each muscle in her body. I should give her some steroids to better show all the work I put in this wireframe.
Farm animals
Made while I was bored and needed some variation from a huge 3D project I was working on.
My very first scene in 3D!
I wanted to make a tribute to one of my favourite movies of all time, The Sword in the Stone. Therefore I made the female squirrel from this old movie in 3D.
Brazil renderer glass
A quick testrender to show how awesome the Brazil Renderer is when it comes to rendering glass and ice materials. Looks cool, and was so easy to create!